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Custom solutions for industrial and commercial applications

E3 Energy consistently delivers innovative, technologically advanced, and leading engineering design solutions for industrial and commercial clients.

Engineering design

Our experienced team will identify current system, equipment problems, opportunities and develop, as well as improve current solutions for efficient energy usage and supply. 

Energy efficiency evaluation

Efficient energy usage and production is now more important than ever. Let us analyse your systems and energy usage in order to optimise your current processes to extend savings and minimise losses. 

Energy monitoring

Due to continuous technological developments, energy monitoring is more affordable than ever. However, energy consumption is still often overlooked. Let us help you monitor, analyse and optimise your energy usage.

The need and the value of solar thermal solutions in the industry is continuously growing, as demand for heating accounts for 47% of the world energy demand. South Africa estimates suggest that between 40 and 50% of all final energy needs is for heat. The demand for heat by industry alone accounts for almost 30% of the total energy demand in the country.

Within industry, 66% of energy use is for process heating. If your need is for electricity - generate electricity, if your need is for heat - generate heat, please get in touch with us and we will advise you how.

Examples of successful large scale solar thermal applications for industrial processes

Cape Brewing Company (CBC)

In South Africa, Western Cape-based brewery, the Cape Brewing Company (CBC), has invested in solar power technology to power its production line. They have partnered with renewable energy firm E3 Energy, to produce South Africa’s first commercially available “green beer” which uses solar heated water in the brewing process. 

Klein Karoo tannery - Klein Karoo International (KKI)

E3 Energy has installed a 600 sq.m. solar collector system at the Klein Karoo International tannery to reduce costs and increase competitiveness, since fuel costs are highly volatile. 

The KKI tannery produces ostrich leather products and has a heated water - intensive operation.



Solar thermal energy systems have emerged over the recent decades for numerous applications in domestic and industrial activities like hot water supply, space heating, desalination, drying, refrigeration, distillation, washing, etc., that can conveniently be carried out within the temperature ranges of 60 to 280 °C.

E3 Energy, since 2008, has developed a trustworthy relationship with the leading manufacturers of the solar thermal energy systems worldwide. Continuous process of product development and technology advancements, requires the supplier to be active and involved, to learn implement newest technologies, being that - we are able to offer our clients trusted solutions and newest technologies that meet their needs and exceed expectations. We can supply solar water heating systems for both - domestic and commercial, industrial use.

Solar Water Heating Systems

Solar Keymark certified active and passive solar water heating systems.

Storage Tanks

Various sizes and mounting options, depending on the size of system and water consuption needs.

Solar Collectors

We can supply all types of collectors used for solar water heating systems, we will advise on size and type of the collector needed.

Parts and Consumables

We supply all parts and consumables needed for successful installation and maintenance of the solar water heating systems.

E3 Energy
CBC Solar precision
E3 Energy 4
E3 Energy 2
E3 Energy - Largest Solar Heating for In
E3 Energy 1
E3 Energy 5

Containerised Systems

Solar water heating solution - variable and containerised, for industries, group housings and breeding. Designed and assembled in Europe to meet specific requirements.

Custom Made Systems

We can arrange manufacturing and supply of  solar water heating systems, for the non-standard solutions and based on specific requirements.

More information coming soon.


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We are a recognised team of Renewable Solar Water Heating Specialists.

E3 Energy is ran & managed by an owner for over 13 years and is internationally & locally acclaimed company that has installed the Largest Installation of Solar Heating for Industrial Process (SHIP) in sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on commercial and industrial processes where we apply advance technologies, we modernise and optimise energy usage in processes, so the industrial sector in the continent of Africa could become energy efficient and independent.

Our solutions and expertise are not limited to the type of industry, line of business, complicity of the processes - if you are looking for energy optimisation solutions - we are there to help.


Doran Schoeman

After 13 years of experience in renewables, Doran’s focus is now solely on driving the adoption of renewable & sustainable heating technologies in the industrial sector of emerging African countries.  Doran’s passion for the solar thermal industrial has resulted in E3 Energy becoming a pioneer in the development of Solar Heating for Industrial Processes in Southern Africa.

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Chris Templer

Chris Templer - Operations Manager E3 Energies team member “No. 1”, Chris has also been in the industry since 2008 - assisting Doran on his

first projects. His attention to

detail, strategic thinking and

know-how are significant to

each of the projects.

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Willem Krog

Willem is a post graduate of Stellenbosch University. Being passionate about renewable energy Willem has focused on solar thermal solutions and is a solid member of

the E3 team applying his fresh insights and academical knowledge.

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Ryan Gerber

Since 2013, Ryan has managed & coordinated all construction works.  His insights, skills and experience are invaluable in running large-scale projects, managing them on time, on budget & with the utmost quality.

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Laura Vilkiene

Laura’s experience in administration began back in 2008, and she has managed large projects in Europe, Russia and Scandinavia. Her international experience in business administration contributes to E3 invaluably.

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Greening the industrial sector - one client at a time



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